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Bahariya Oasis

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Bahariya Oasis is a lush land haven set in the midst of an unforgiving desert and surrounded by black hills made of quartz. The Oasis is home to amazing ruins, such as the Temple of Alexander the Great, beautifully painted Ptolemaic tombs and very old churches. Egypt.

The recent discovery of the golden mummies, the pride of Bawiti Museum today, turned the oasis’ main town, into a tourist magnet, and its proximity to the Black Desert have earned Bahariya a high rank on the tourist map of Egypt.

Your options in Bahariya are wider than you can imagine.



Highlights – Bahriya

Tomb of Banentiu

The Best Money Could Buy

Wine from the Bahariya Oasis brought so much wealth in the past that a local merchant built himself a tomb fit for a pharaoh. The preserved Ancient Egyptian wall paintings within the tomb, which depict mythological celestial journeys and mortuary rituals, are still rich and earthy.

Mountains of Bahariya

A prehistoric site of dinosaur remains

Drive or hike up to the mountains of Dist, Maghrafa and Ghurabi. It has a remarkable view of palm trees surrounded by dunes. Jebel Maghrafa, known as a prehistoric site of dinosaur remains, has a camel breeding farm which welcomes visitors. Jebel Ghurabi is a great location for a short hike or a picnic.

Bawati Museum

Hall of the Golden Mummies

The Bawati Museum is an amazing place to visit where you can see the famous Graeco-Roman mummies and their gold painted sarcophagi. The mummies are a part of a vast necropolis believed to contain more than 10,000 mummies. The mummies are decorated with ornate masks and jewelry.

Bir Sigam Hot Spring

A summer treatment place

Soak in the heat at Bir Sigam, a hot spring that can help overcome rheumatism. Located at 7 km east of Bahariya on the Cairo road, the spring is usually crowded in the day but empty at night.