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Bamboo Huts, Beautiful Beaches and Amazing Diving

Welcome to Nuweiba, Sinai  largest oasis, where fine-sand beaches are peppered with Bedouin beach.  
Tourist camps Nuweiba is still a destination where you can unwind and relax away from the usual mass tourism hustle and bustle. It is also a perfect destination to go on exploration tours into the depths of the Sinai desert: explore St. Catherine’s Monastery, experience Mount Sinai trekking or explore the nearby Red Sea destinations.
If you’re more of a laid-back traveler, imagine an afternoon nap under a palm tree or in a bamboo hut set out on the beach – a favorite among backpackers – candle-lit dinners and barbecue parties, fresh seafood feasts at the town’s local restaurants, and most of all, great shore dives just a couple of palm strokes away: this is only a glimpse of what you might experience in Nuweiba.

Highlights – Nuweiba

Bawaki Diving Site

A Fishing Boat Wreck

The Bawiki dive site is the wreckage site of an old fishing boat. Sadly, the boat’s parts have been taken away by the water currents, but you can still see the remaining boat engine. You can make a beautiful dive among amazing corals and colourful reef fish species.

Ras Shetan - Devils Head

Anemones of All Possible Colours

The Devil’s Head diving site: where you’ll discover a maze of underwater mountains, canyons, caves and plateaus, but also an incredibly rich ecosystem of hard corals, octopus, puffer fish, moon groupers, and most of all, anemones of all colours, including red, green and purple.

Dive in the Rock Sea

Caverns and Coral Gardens

The site is incredibly rich with varied and colorful fish species, such as basslets, angelfish, and groupers, after snorkeling over the reef table; you’ll gradually descend to depths of 7, then 20 then 30 meters, following sandy slopes and amazing coral gardens.