El Gouna 

See Different Shades of Blue

El Gouna is an environmentally friendly destination complete with world class accommodations for all family members that offers a myriad of services and activities to suit everyone, where you’ll find countless interconnected islands, beautiful turquoise lagoons, state of the art golf courses, luxurious beach-front resorts and an endless range of water activities, It is also a  perfect honeymoon destination on the Red Sea Riviera and even better: a dreamlike location for your wedding celebration.

This modern resort town is also aimed at providing the best specialized accommodation and entertainment options for conference and incentive programs participants. Therefore, El-Gouna has been hosting for the past few years successful multinational company meetings and incentives, where participants indulge in rewarding and exciting activities such as golfing, yachting, diving and open-sea fishing.



Highlights – El Gouna

Dolphin House

Home to incredible no. of dolphins

You’ll soon discover that the Dolphin House in El-Gouna proudly stands for its name: this diving site is in fact home to an incredible number of dolphins. If you’re lucky enough, you’ll probably get the chance to dive in the company of the whole resident pod of Bottlenose Dolphins.

Abu Tig Marina

El-Gouna’s front sea entrance

The majestic and unique Abu Tig Marina serves as El-Gouna’s front sea entrance. The marina provides all the needed amenities for you to be able to comfortably moor your yacht in an upscale port of the Red Sea Riviera, to enjoy a stay in the land of the Pharaohs.

Parasailing in El-Gouna

The Underwaters From Up Above!

Available at almost any resort in El-Gouna, parasailing is an experience you don’t want to miss while on a Red Sea holiday in the self-contained, charmingly looking resort-town of El-Gouna. After “taking off”, the boat will drag you over amazing coral reefs.