Marsa Alam

Meet the Dugong

Marsa Alam has become a great Red Sea destination for diving enthusiasts. Nestled between sea and desert, the town offers all kinds of accommodations, ranging from upscale comfort establishments with complete Western amenities to Bedouin-inspired eco-lodges. Dive sites accessible from Marsa Alam number among the most attractive in the Red Sea for experienced divers. Healthy coral reefs and the wide range of underwater wildlife such as dugongs and dolphins are the principal draw factors of Marsa Alam. For less experienced divers, in-shore coral reefs are the ideal location for hours of marine wildlife watching.

The new Port Ghalib Marina at Marsa Alam added to the location a very exclusive standing, with its luxurious hotels, resorts and berthing space for about 1000 yachts. The newly built marina offers some of the best relaxation and entertainment options on the Red Sea coast, including gourmet restaurants and tantalizing Spas.


Marsal Alam is also known as a therapeutic destination. So whether it is the beach, the desert, the reefs or a combination of sightseeing and activities you’re interested in, you’ll love Marsa Alam.




Highlights – Marsa Alam

Shaab Sataya

Snorkelling or Diving with the Dolphins

Also known as the Dolphin Reef, this horseshoe shaped reef has been aptly named after the friendly mammals that can be spotted regularly on site. Additionally, you’ll be amazed by whitetips, fusiliers, Spanish dancers and parrotfish, at different depths, from 4 to 40 metres.

The Elphinstone Reef

Wall Diving at Its Best

Elphinstone Reef is a great diving site, especially for the wall diving enthusiasts.The reef is covered with soft corals and the underwater fauna species you’ll spot there are extremely diversified. These include barracudas, angelfish, groupers, and morays, only to name a few.

Diving In Marsa Abu-Dabbab

The shallow and sandy reef

While on holiday in Marsa Alam, think of taking a short boat trip to the shallow and sandy reef of Marsa Abu Dabbab, for an easy and relaxing dive. While diving in the Marsa Abu Dabbab site, you might get the chance of meeting dolphins, as well as dugong sea cows turtles and spotted rays.