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Land of the Golden Dunes

Dahab, meaning “gold” in Arabic, was originally a Bedouin fishing village. Today, it is a world-renowned windsurfing destination because of the reliable winds that provide outstanding surfing conditions, especially in the Lagoon area. Dahab is also a great starting point for a Sinai desert safari.

Coastal reefs and the flourishing underwater fauna make scuba diving and snorkeling also extremely popular in the area. The Blue Hole, the Canyon and Fish Bowl, the Caves and the Lighthouse Reef are only a few of Dahab world-famous diving sites. You can find low cost housing, 4 and 5 star accommodations, and camping sites in the desert surrounding Dahab.



Highlights – Dahab

The Golden Canyon of Dahab

Pharaohs of the Sedge & Bee

A few flipper strokes away from Assalah bay, you’ll reach a large rock head cloven by a fissure descending to a wide entrance underwater. Passing through this entrance, you’ll find yourself surrounded by the crowded life and incredible beauty of the Canyon’s setting.

Wadi Ghazala

Long Trek in Sinai

Wadi Ghazala is a great trekking destination into a Sinai hinterland that has plenty of caves, dunes and acacia trees on the valley floor. In Wadi Ghazala you can experience the desert, hike up a rugged mountain and camp in the nearby oasis of Ain Khudra with Bedouins.

St. Catherine's Monastery

A UNESCO World Heritage Site

St. Catherine’s monastery is located at the foot of Mount Moses to honor the site of the burning bush depicted in the Old Testament. St. Catherine’s monastery has priceless multicultural works of art that include icons, mosaics, oil paintings and one of the largest collections of illuminated manuscripts.