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 Flourishing touristic destination

Today, Taba is a flourishing touristic destination for guests from around the world in search for pristine beaches and exceptional coral reefs to explore.
There’s more in Taba than the common sea and sun resort/diving vacation, the nearby Sinai landmarks are must-sees, and they’re all only a couple of hours away.
Be sure that the impressive coloured canyon, the inspiring St. Catherine’s Monastery and the massive Saladin fortress are all worth an escape from your resort activities.

Highlights – Taba

Diving in the Picasso Reef Island

Diving in the Picasso Reef Island of the Pharoah

The island is known for its citadel, originally built by crusaders and later conquered and reconstructed by Saladin. The diving sites include the Picasso Reef; an underwater mountain, where you’ll find yourself surrounded by a wide variety of colorful fish, including the famous “Picasso Trigger Fish.

Salah El-Din Fortress

Best Views on the Gulf of Aqaba

Salah El-Din based his soldiers on this strategic island in order to control the trade of products coming from Asia on their way to Mecca. A truly strategic spot: you’ll be stunned by the fortress’s panoramic view, a landscape merging between the coasts of Saudi Arabia and Jordan.

The Fjord Temptations

Dazzling Coral Reefs

The Fjord is a spectacular diving spot housed by a beautiful and protected bay with coral reefs. If you’re an experienced diver, you’ll be tempted by the “Fjord hole” a site where you’ll witness an amazing marine life scene: fish from the open sea coming to feed on plenty of tiny Glass Fish and Silver Fish.


The Coloured Canyon

Natural wonders in Sinai

One of the natural wonders in Sinai, it’s a maze of sandstone rocks in hues of yellow, purple, red, magenta and gold reaching up in some places a height of 40 meters.

Castle Zaman

A unique attraction on the serene stretch of Sinai

In this newly built medieval-like castle, you’ll be transported in a luxurious yet eco-friendly atmosphere with attractions ranging from swimming and diving to upscale dining, yoga and massaging.