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Farafra Oasis

See the Traditions of the Desert

The most isolated oasis in the Western Desert, Farafra is the closest oasis to the White Desert, a desert dreamscape populated with unusual chalky rock formations. A safari in the White Desert is a must-do on your Western Desert exploration trail.

Highlights –¬†Farafra Oasis

Bir Sitta Hot Springs

Hot Springs

Take to the hot springs after a hard safari through the White Desert. Bir Sitta helps relieve back pain and joint ache after camel riding. The large hot bath contains traces of sulfur, which is said to aid muscle and joint recovery. It is about 5 kilometers from the main town and easy to reach by car.

Jara Cave

9000 Year Old Drawings

Jara Cave is a massive cave that contains gorgeous prehistoric rock art. Most of the engravings depict big game hunts and everyday life. They were most probably drawn by hunter gatherers over 9000 years ago. The cave was discovered by Gerhard Rohlfs during his expedition into the Western Desert.

Badr Museum

The work of a local artist

If you happen to reach the Farafra part of the desert, visit Badr Museum. Badr Museum displays the work of a local artist, Badr Abdel Moghny. He works with mud, stone and sand to paint and sculpt art that depicts traditional oasis life.