Jewel of the Red Sea of Egypt

Spared by the hordes of international tourists, the virgin coastal town of El-Quseir holds that indescribable cachet a few paradisiacal holiday destinations still share nowadays. Over the past few years, El-Quseir has become a top diving destination in the Red Sea of Egypt. The town’s coast boasts some of the Red Sea’s most amazing underwater vistas, no less than 80 astonishing diving sites.

Some of the most known are the amazing Cathedral, a labyrinth of tunnels and caverns, the flourishing gardens of Omar Sukan, the coralline paradise of Ras Quseir inhabited by dozens of Anemones, and Serib Kebir used as the movie set of the biographical film about the life of Hans Hass, the diving pioneer and his wife.




Highlights – El-Quseir

The Cathedral

Maze of Canyons, Tunnels and Caverns

Join the never-ending ballet of Hatchet Sweeper fish that inhabit the Cathedral, a labyrinth of jaw dropping canyons, tunnels and caverns, where amazing corals and beautiful nocturnal fish species, such as the Big Eye Squirrel fish, abound.In the close surroundings of the Cathedral, many divers have met the resident small pod of Bottle-nose Dolphins.

Serib Kebir

A Tribute to Hans Haas

Not only is Serib Kebir used as a site for check dives by most of the dive centres in El-Quseir but it also withholds almost everything that a diver would look for in the Red’ll dive down to 5 meters into a bay where you’re most likely to find a school of Yellow Tailed Barracudas and an army of Squid on a hunting expedition.

Ras Quseir

The All-in-One Red Sea Diving Site

Diving in this specific site of the Red Sea gives the diver an overview of what the whole region has to offer. Even snorkelers can have a great time at Ras Quseir where marine creatures abound in shallow waters.The shallower part of the reef is a large coral garden where all types of local reef fish can be found, especially Moral Eels.