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Siwa Oasis

Eden of the Western Desert

After a long drive through the barren landscape of the Western Desert, you won’t believe your eyes when you reach Siwa for the first time. See an edenic island full of mineral springs, salt lakes and endless Olive and Palm groves.
For a cultural tour in Shali, the oasis’ main town, check out the strange ruins of the Shali Fortress which dominate the town center and walk along sandy paths to find the Temple of the Oracle, once visited by Alexander the Great himself to consult the Oracle of Siwa.
Finish your day by taking a dip at Cleopatra’s Pool, where the legendary queen herself is believed to have once swum. Don’t forget to buy some Siwan Crafts on your way, and spare an hour or two for a visit to the charming Siwa House Museum.   Adventurous travelers will also get their fix of fun and excitement by heading for a safari into the great sand sea or trying out quad biking in the Western Desert of Egypt.

Highlights – Siwa Oasis

Shali Fortress

The Prominent Guardian of Siwa

The centre of Siwa is dominated by the ruins of the 13th century Shali fortress. Built from a material known as “kershef” (salt rocks from the local salt lakes and mud), the ruins are subject to additional disintegration after each rainfall.

Cleopatra's Pool

The most famous attractions in Siwa

One of the most famous attractions in Siwa is Cleopatra's pool, a stone pool fed by a natural hot spring, where the Egyptian queen herself is said to have swam on her visit to Siwa. Tourists have all been doing the same for years now; after all, a nice swim is so refreshing after a hot summer day tour!

Siwa House Museum

Located in a traditional Siwan house

Located in a traditional Siwan house, the museum boasts traditional Siwan objects such as silver jewelry, music instruments, wedding costumes, baskets and ceramics. Small but interesting. It was built to preserve and display artifacts depicting the various aspects of the Siwan life.

Temple of the Oracle

Siwa & Alexander the Great

The Temple of the Oracle is believed to have housed the famous Greek oracle of Jupiter Amun, to which Alexander the Great headed directly when he came to Egypt for the first time in 331 BC. The temple has a great vestibule and forecourt.

Fatnas Island

See the Magic in Siwa

Another favorite bathing spot for locals and tourists in Siwa is Fatnas Island. Also known as 'Fantasy Island' , the spot is located 6 km from Siwa Town on the salt lake of Birket Siwa in a beautiful surrounding of palm trees and beautiful scenery.

Gebel Dakrour

Healing Hot Sand

People come from all around the world during the summer to be interred in sand baths which have properties of healing rheumatism. The therapy is stunning; it has almost a magical effect, rheumatic and arthritic pains will be greatly dissipated.